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News for November

It's the season of fireworks and moustaches!
Odd to see the facial hair springing up on male faces. It gives them a good excuse not to shave for the month. Personally I'm not a fan of the huge Ozarks-style beard. It just looks odd, but some people can carry a beard better than others.
I'm rabbitting, because I'm writing. When I'm in writing mode, things go off in all directions. I lose focus on everything except the book I'm writing, which annoys my family no end. Fellow writer friends totally understand, though. Which is a good thing.
I'm writing the final book in The Shaws series. Final, because there are no more family members to write about. I've written them all, now. I've submitted a new series to Kensington, though, which I'm excited about. It's far too early to tell you much, but it will feature a character you'll have met before.
I've also got a book in progress about one of my ancestors, Hester Bateman. She was a remarkable woman. Widowed at an early age, she was left with two young sons and a silversmithing business, which was left to her, not to her sons, although they did go into the business when they grew up.
She brought silverware to the masses by using new technology. So instead of keeping the existing business on an even keel until her sons grew up, she took a huge risk and entered a new market. It paid off. She wasn't a designer as such, but silverware with her maker's mark fetches huge money today. It's a pity we don't have any!
That's what I mean when I say that if you write history, you don't actually have to make anything up. The history of the eighteenth century is full of remarkable women, who achieved a lot in their time. I don't write biography, so I use these people as inspiration, and write their stories from that. Hester, for instance, never remarried, but my heroine certainly does!
That's some of Hester's work above. Isn't it gorgeous?
I haven't heard from anyone about work I've sent. Not yet, anyway, but I'll be sure to let you know when I do.
I have two series left from Samhain and Ellora's cave, and a few stragglers, one-offs and the like. I'm planning to release the Richard and Rose series early next year. Brand new covers, but the same Richard and Rose goodness!
Did you get to Goodreads to download the Sinless giveaway? You still have time, it doesn't close until the 11th November.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Free giveaway of Sinless!

Do you want a chance to win a free copy of Sinless, the newest release in The Shaws series? then visit Goodreads and enter the competition!
Lord Darius is the sibling I never thought I'd get the chance to write about, but here he is! Darius has an open secret that society chooses to ignore, but if he crosses the line, doors will be forever locked against him. Then he meets someone who threatens his iron self-control and his determination not to let his family down.
Sinless by Lynne Connolly
Sinless (The Shaws, #1.5)
by Lynne Connolly (Goodreads Author)
Release date: Jan 23, 2018

Lord Darius Shaw has never been in love before. But when he renews his acquaintance with lawyer Andrew Graham in a raid on a molly house, where men meet men for forbidden pleasure, they discover mutual feelings as deep as they are dangerous. For while society will turn a blind eye to an aristocrat’s transgressions, Andrew has far more at stake. The son of city merchants, Andrew has a disastrous marriage in his past, and a young daughter to support. He could lose his livelihood, his reputation and even his life—and drag Darius down with him.

Darius and Andrew’s only choice is to deny the true nature of their relationship. But when an enemy Italian spy threatens their secret—and their futures—the two set out to catch him. And in the process they are forced to face their desires—and make a life-changing decision.

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News for October 2017

Happy October!
Frankie says hello!

This month is all about the books. At the very end of September, Entangled Publishing released all of the Even Gods Fall In Love series!
I am, of course, thrilled to bits to see this series back in print, and if you love it too, there's a prospect of more books to come! It has spiffy new artwork and I've updated my website to show it off.
In case you've forgotten, this is the series about the gods being reborn in eighteenth century Britain. The Titans, mortal enemies of the Olympian gods, want to restore the old ways, when the gods ruled the world with rods of iron, reducing the human race to slaves. The Olympians believe in free will. They want the human race to be self-governing, and they will fight to the death to achieve that.
Unfortunately, thirty years before the stories start, the Titans delivered what was nearly a mortal blow to the Olympians. When they gathered in an estate in England for a reunion, the Titans blew up the venue, and even gods die if enough explosive is put under them!
Reborn in new bodies, the gods must reassemble in order to save the human race from perpetual enslavement. Oh yes, and fall in love in the process. They're a passionate lot, the Olympians!
I loved writing this series. There are so many parallels between the myths of the Greek and Roman gods and the eighteenth century that they slotted together like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes they surprised me with the ease with which they did it. Sometimes I made amazing discoveries, such as when I created the Pantheon Club as a place for the gods to meet.


New Release and Excerpt

Even Gods Fall In Love

Where It All Began

1724, England
Thunder rolled dully over the plain. Jupiter glanced up, mildly surprised because he hadn’t commanded thunder tonight. He shrugged. What else could he expect of such a godforsaken country as England?
The great stones on one side of the road called to him, speaking of mysteries not his, a time not his. He ignored them. He would head back to Italy and the sun as soon as this meeting finished. What maggot had got into Bacchus’s head, to call a meeting here? And why did the man decide to become an Englishman? They didn’t even make their own wine, and since that was the one thing that kept Bacchus sane, his decision didn’t seem rational. He kicked his horse into a canter. You could never tell with Bacchus. Unpredictable to the last.
The house at the end of his destination glowed with golden candlelight, every window gleaming in welcome. Hoping for a warm fire, Jupiter left his mount in the care of a groom, tossing him a coin in thanks. He strode up the shallow stone staircase to the open door.
Better, much better. A fire blazed in the hearth, and Jupiter walked towards it, not checking his pace, a smile of satisfaction curling his mouth. The doors clanged shut behind him. He must be the last to arrive.
People cleared a path for him, but he hardly noticed, because he was accustomed to the deference. One of the oldest of the gods left alive he was the original Roman incarnation of Jupiter. He’d seen much, lived through times strange to him, suffered the falling away of his support, but he continued. He felt good.
Jupiter turned as a tray bearing a steaming mug of something fragrant appeared at his elbow. Bacchus bore the tray. Jupiter smiled in greeting and accepted the offering. “It’s good to see you again. It must be ten years.”
Bacchus looked the same, but then, Jupiter expected him to. The gods never aged, unless they wanted to. The man wore his dark hair longer, tied back from his face in the current mode in a glossy queue, and was dressed a coat of deep red satin, embroidered elaborately in green and gold with a cream waistcoat underneath and breeches the same color as his coat.
Bacchus grinned. “Ten years and more, sir.” Currently known as the Marquess of Stretton, Bacchus was one of the leaders of London society, which meant he was of the particularly debauched and half-crazed variety. It suited him well.
This Bacchus was a lithe, clever man who managed his special gifts with skill and humour. A necessary and unfortunate result of being the god of wine and madness was to occasionally suffer madness oneself, but at least it was subject to his own will. Bacchus was far from mad today. Intelligence lit his light grey eyes and he amusement that was part of this man. Every vessel the god took added something of its own to the essential character of the god. Jupiter liked this one.
People thronged around Jupiter, eager to greet the only one of the original Roman Pantheon left alive. Although immune to disease and aging, other factors could and did kill them, but they always reincarnated, their essence migrating to the nearest unborn child.
The remaining gods searched for the babies, discovered and carefully reared them, showed them their attributes and taught them to conceal them. Men no longer wanted gods, and the Olympians had survived by realizing this and living among them unrecognized. Times had changed. Some would never accept that, but they weren’t here tonight, and wouldn’t be welcome.
It had been a good life so far. Jupiter hoped it would continue in the same way for many years to come.
He’d enjoy this reunion. So many of his kind had survived, despite opposition by The Ancients and fanatical humans. Time to savour their survival and celebrate it.

A short distance away in Hill House, the Duke of Boscobel stared out the window of the Gold Salon at the fast darkening sky overhead. The festivities in the old castle must have begun by now. The building had been long derelict, but the central hall remained intact, and the cellars underneath. He’d had the house constructed in the ruins, a picturesque folly for parties.
A perfect place for the private gathering of old friends. And a perfect place for murder.
Boscobel had discovered the real identity of Jupiter quite by accident. Ironic that the very people he’d spent years hunting had eventually found him. The Italian nobleman had not recognized him as their old enemy Kronos, and after his first wariness, Boscobel had known himself safe from discovery. Jupiter showed all his old arrogance and superiority. This time it would be his downfall. Everything was in place and tonight would see the culmination of his carefully laid plans. Nothing could go wrong now. He wouldn’t allow it to.
When he heard a female groan from the room above Boscobel grinned broadly. He glanced across the room at his friend Manningtree, who sat uncomfortably in one of the fashionable salon chairs. “Not long now.”
“It had better not be,” Manningtree replied grimly, shifting in his seat. “One of mine has podded already.”
Boscobel shrugged. Another cry came from above. “If they can hold on for half an hour longer the thing will be done and we’ll have at least half of them.”
Cosgrove strode the room, like any eager, expectant father, except he’d personally impregnated three of the women in the bedrooms above. “God, you’re a cool one! Anyone would think your own wife wasn’t involved.”
“She is there to serve the same purpose as the others,” Boscobel stared at the plasterwork ceiling above him as though he could see right through it. “If she doesn’t succeed, I’ll kill her. She knows that.”
“Are you sure this will work?” Sulgrave asked, voice strained with anxiety.
Boscobel turned on him, a sneer curling his thin mouth. “Yes of course. I’ve been planning this event for years. While you enjoyed your endeavours of nine months ago, there was far more to this than putting a few women in the family way. There’s no mistake. We will have them, gentlemen. For the glory of England.”
 His fellow Titans had been only too willing to help him. “After all,” Manningtree had said, “If we’re wrong, we just have a few more brats to cope with.”
Not long now. With the gods safely locked in their prison, and the pregnant women upstairs as receptacles for the new gods, at last Kronos would regain control. He should never have lost it in the first place.
A practically clad middle-aged woman burst into the room, and without preamble addressed Boscobel. “Another one, your grace.”
Ire rose in his breast. “Damn! Can’t you stop these women? Hold the babies in somehow?”
The woman gave Boscobel a narrow eyed stare. “Your wife is in the third stage of labour, your grace. With any luck your heir will be born within the hour.”
He turned away. “Good.” He hoped it would be, and his child would be in time to inherit. More power under his roof, more control. Sons were the very devil. In a previous incarnation, his son had taken everything from him. He’d never trusted them, but this time he’d control the child from the start. Make him his, instead of hiding him away and trying to destroy him.
When he turned his back, he heard the woman leave in a soft shush of skirts.
Kronos wondered how Jupiter would feel just before he died when he realized he’d betrayed his fellow gods.
Not long now. The gunpowder he’d seeded under the castle would be primed by the grooms. They’d die with the explosion, since the slow matches he’d installed weren’t as efficient as he’d led them to believe.
His watch still in his hand Boscobel consulted it once more, but as he did, a new light flashed across the sky, followed by a dull booming sound.
Just like thunder and lightning. Very appropriate. Everyone in the room rushed to the windows to see a great sheet of golden flame arch up to the heavens, a cry for help, a cry of despair that no one would ever answer.
He had done it.

You can find the details about Even Gods Fall In Love here;
Lynne Connolly site
LM Connolly site
Amazon US
Entangled Publishing

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The Start of Something new!

A new release this month!
The first in The Shaws is coming out. It features characters who were in The Emperors of London, namely the wild and scandalous Shaw family!
I learned a lot when I was writing this book. Most of my research into the legal system of the eighteenth century had concentrated on the law itself, especially the doings of the magistrate’s court, the one at Bow Street in particular. So many features of what we consider the law today came from there, including the idea that the people who administered the law should be above corruption. Even the beginning of the police force started there.
For this book, I wanted to know more about the way the law worked in practice. I already knew about some of the quirks – the magistrate, or judge had much more leeway in his interpretation of the law, for instance. And advocacy. This book features a lawyer who is also a barrister. Used to the system of today, I was surprised to discover that one man could be both. But all the money was in being a lawyer. Barristers were relatively new, and it wasn’t usual to have someone to speak for you in court. Andrew Graham, who features in this book, is one of the forward-thinkers. He is passionate about justice, and he wants to see trials becoming much fairer. There were such men at this time, and they helped to get the notorious Waltham Black Acts repealed, but that didn’t happen until later in the century.
As I read my way through the Old Bailey site online, I discovered that at this period, barrister are hardly ever mentioned in criminal cases. The accused would speak for himself, however qualified or not they were to do so. Trials were lightning fast compared to today. You could be tried, condemned and hanged in a week. Or transported, if you were strong and the judge felt you could be of use elsewhere.
I continue to read about the law, because I might have an idea for a new series coming in here.
All most people know about the period is that a person could be hanged or transported for stealing a loaf of bread. It’s almost a cliché, but it’s also true. It depended on the value the court put on the loaf. If they decided the loaf was worth under a set amount, the sentence was far more lenient. And it was the court that set the price, not the shopkeeper or the market price.
And the other thing – the court at Bow Street was in the open air! It was roofed over sometime in the 1750s, so I had “my” court with a roof. While it might have been authentic, I don’t know how many readers would have believed it!

Book News 

So here it is. Fearless, the first in The Shaws series!
When Lady Charlotte Engles receives an offer of marriage from an eligible suitor, she’s finally ready to let go of her long-held hope that her engagement to Lord Valentinian Shaw will result in marriage. For despite the betrothal their families made between them, Val shows no interest in leaving his reckless life behind in favor of one with Charlotte. But when her plea to end their arrangement ends in a heated embrace, suddenly Val seems reluctant to let her go . . .

The last thing Val wants is a wife, despite how desirous his lovely bride-to-be has become. But when he discovers sweet Charlotte is planning to marry a dastardly man, he feels duty bound to keep her safe, even if that means making good on his marriage pledge. Then Charlotte is taken hostage by her dangerous suitor and suddenly Val is ready to risk everything for the woman who has won his heart .

Buy the Book:

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wow, it's July already!

Newsletter, July 2017


Lots of news this month! First, a special offer, courtesy of my lovely publishers, Kensington.
To celebrate the release of Fearless, the first in a brand new trilogy from Kensington, coming in August, featuring the Shaw family, the whole of The Emperors of London series is on special offer for the whole of July! Every title is discounted, some to $1.99, others to 99 cents.

Some titles, including the latest, Wild Lavender, are 99 cents each!
You can find all the details and buy links here:

And I promised to tell you about my recent signing at RT Booklovers’ in Atlanta, Georgia!
My books didn’t arrive, but I had lots of other things to give away. I met so many people who love my stories, and I was able to tell them about what’s coming up and what my plans are. This has been a rather traumatic time, what with publishers closing down and new publishers being found, but I did manage, and it was so good to meet the readers.
And I met up with Liz Pelletier, head of my new publisher, Entangled!

So here’s my second piece of news.
I have signed the Even Gods Fall In Love series to Entangled. I really want to continue this series, so I didn’t want to self-publish. I want to concentrate on getting the writing bit right! All the books will be released at the end of September, which isn’t too long to wait. For those of you (and there have been gratifyingly many) who wanted to see this series back, it is coming. I’m avidly awaiting the new cover art, and as soon as I have it, I’ll have the pages put back on the website.

My website has had a revamp. Now each series has its own page, with links where you can read extracts and buy the books. And don’t forget to check the Goodies page, for surprises and new stuff! I do have a bit more about each series, with snippets and backdoor information. For instance, do you know that most of the series have ‘easter eggs,’ little links and reminders to other series. Not “sequel bait,” or a hook to buy another book, and if you don’t get them, they won’t spoil your enjoyment of the book, but for people who have read all my books, there’s a little nudge.
Have you spotted any?

Since I don’t have a new release planned for July, although there might be one coming up (don’t worry, I’ll tell you if it happens!) I thought I’d ask you, dear reader. If there’s a book you’d like a reminder of, or an extract from, I’d love to hear from you.

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News for June, 2017

News for June, 2017

Here’s an overview of what I’ve been doing:
At the end of March, I went with my husband to Dublin for a short break. Afterwards, he went home, and I flew on to the USA, Los Angeles to be precise. I had a wonderful time there, and then we drove to San Diego, and I went to the zoo. After that, we flew to Boston, where Megan Bamford and I stayed with the wonderful Dalton Diaz, and Samantha Cayto came over to see us. Then we drove to New York, met with the RT people, went to a Broadway play, and then flew to Atlanta. That was where the RT Convention was this year. After that, I flew back to LA for a few days, and then came home.
So I’m not going to get all that in one newsletter, much less talk to you about writing and my books. Of course it all feeds in, since I use my experiences in the US to help me write the books, especially the contemporaries. Bit by bit, or I’ll exhaust you with traveller’s tales!
Maybe I should start at the beginning, with Dublin!
I’ve never been there before. Can I say it was wonderful? Mostly, anyway, but when we went Dublin was one big building site. They’re extending the tram network, which entails digging up all the roads. So there was that. If you’re visiting Dublin, don’t plan to drive!

The city is full of wonderful buildings, mostly from the eighteenth century, gracious and beautiful. We went to the museum and saw the bog people. Astonishing to see the level of preservation of those bodies, and not a little creepy, too. But I loved the treasures that have been unearthed, the huge torcs and the jewellery belonging to the proud warrior nation.
My favourite place was, not surprisingly, Trinity College Library. Ranks and ranks of books. My husband wanted to take a picture of me reading, but I only had my tablet with me. Still, it makes an interesting comment on the way people read, and for me at least, it’s the message and not the medium that matters. The story is the most important thing, how you read it comes a distant second.
Trinity Library, Dublin
We visited pubs. Oh my, did we visit pubs! My favourite was The Brazen Head, close to the river. It was first built in 1195, but it’s holding its age well. It was packed, always, but you never had to wait for a drink, and the Guinness was wonderful. We did go to the Guinness Storehouse, that was fun, and the price of admission includes a free pint of Guinness.
Of course Dublin is touristy, but if you accept it and go with the flow, it’s a wonderful place to visit.
Then came America!

Book News

I have a new publisher! Entangled offered me a contract for the six books in the Even Gods Fall In Love series. I so loved writing these, and with a new publisher, I could continue to write more in the series. The first phase finished with Her Quicksilver Lover, but I would dearly like to write the next story, starting a new cycle! I had planned to self-publish them, as I have with the Secrets trilogy and The Triple Countess. I also plan to reissue Richard and Rose myself, and I have a wonderful artist working on an image for the covers.
Self-publishing isn’t my thing, I much prefer to write, but since those books went off the market when Samhain closed, I’ve had a lot of letters asking me to republish. It’s been, if not total pleasure, certainly an interesting experience!
And in case you’re wondering, I did all the covers myself.
I’m still writing contemporaries and paranormals as L.M. Connolly, and I’d love to find a home for a brand new series about an antique house and the shape-shifting secret agents who work there! Having spent some time away from the first book in the series, I can see the problems a lot clearer. I plan to rewrite it completely, and change some aspects of the plot.
And Fearless, the first book in The Shaws trilogy is out soon! More about that later, but if any of you are reviewers I have ARCs for you!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

News for April 2017

 April already! It seems like every month I say that. Well, this is the month of my Great American Adventure!
I love my trips to the USA, and this year is no different. But between last year and now, the country has gone through some seismic changes. Will it feel or look any different? I’m guessing no, but we’ll see.
I’m starting in Los Angeles, and then flying all the way up to Boston, then New York, then Atlanta for the RT Booklovers’ Convention. Then back to LA, and home. Wow.
But first, I’m taking a few days in Dublin with my husband. It’s a lovely city, and a beautiful country. Obviously from my name (I write under my real name) I have connections, but this is the first time I’ve visited Dublin.
I’m going to try to put photos and things on Facebook, but I’m not handy with transferring photos to social media. I use an old-fashioned camera which doesn’t have an internet connection, so I have to download the pics and upload them. But I do want to share this trip with you!
I’ve spent the month planning, packing, and coping with a mysterious infection that laid me low for a while, but I’m still here and raring to go. I’ve managed to get some writing done, including a contemporary, but I don’t know if they’ll see the light of day soon.
And the sad business continues, of clearing up after the demise of Samhain. I still have a series from Ellora’s Cave to re-edit and get back up. I’m so sorry, folks, but I promise Nightstar will be back soon!
I managed to get the Secrets series and The Triple Countess series back up. They’re selling like woah and damn, so perhaps it wasn’t just me who loved the books! They’re historicals which I always loved to revisit.


The Secrets trilogyeach features a heroine with a secret. Isabel’s is probably the most shocking, but Penelope and Arabella have their own problems, which lead them to their heart’s desires and the loves of their lives—if they have the courage to step forward and take it.

The Triple Countess series was loosely based on the real life Double Duchess. A woman who married three times, in three very different circumstances, and produced offspring who have to work with the problems of their pasts as well as the challenges of the future.
Because I’ve self-published them, I’ve been able to lower the price of each book. Maybe in the future, I’ll be able to offer omnibuses (omnibi?) But it’s my pleasure to offer them to you again.

If you go to my website, I’ve put up excerpts for you. And I'm showing off the new covers here. What do you think?