Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I have a new book out! I'm really pleased to present the second Department 57 book, A GRIFFIN'S TREASURE.

Soccer star and griffin shapeshifter Josh Friedland needs all his Talents to find his missing brother Laurie. Businessman George Skeffington is involved, so he can’t trust Skeffington’s stepdaughter, Chana Rafiz. Even though he wants her with every cell in his body.

When her domineering stepfather asks Chana to look after Josh, she suspects another controlling trick. Only to find Josh inflames passions no man has touched before.

Josh and Chana face dangers only Department 57 can help them with, only to plunge the whole Department into peril. If Talents are to endure, Josh and Chana must succeed.


“Possibly,” she said in a small, sharp voice. “But you’ll have to find someone else to share it with.”

A devil took him by the tail. When she would have backed off, he moved to stand behind her, catching her as she stumbled, off balance. “Why can’t it be you?”

She shot him a look he couldn’t interpret precisely, but it was filled with negativity. He could almost feel the ice exuding from her. “Because we’ve only just met. Because I’m not sure I like you. And because I’m five years older than you.”

He chuckled. “Five years? What difference does that make? Are you sure you’re not just making excuses?” He entered the persona of the identity he had labeled The Footballer. “Disliking somebody can make sex even better sometimes. Wildcat sex, you know. You can rip me up a treat, if you like. I won’t tell who did it.”

Now the look was definitely hatred. “I respect myself more than that.”

He took the wind out of her sails by saying, “I don’t. As long as it feels good, I’ll do it.” He laid his hands flat on her waist, gliding them up towards her armpits. He loved the way a woman’s body curved, the gentle lines luring him in. But when he bent to kiss the side of her neck, she jerked back, forcing him to take a step backwards to stop himself falling to the floor.

Realizing she wanted to get away, using the extra reflexes his profession and his Talent gave to him, Josh stumbled and fell, pulling her down with him and twisting her to face him as he went down.

This was better. A heavy lock of hair tumbled out of the carefully constructed chignon, tickling his cheek. A good way to find out what she wanted, and how clever she was. Would she give in? Was this a token resistance?

He had his answer when her knee drove hard into his balls.


Shapeshifters and footballers reacted exactly the same way to a knee in the balls. They saw stars and rolled over on to their stomachs.

Whimpering with pain he heard her voice from somewhere above him. “You touch me without my permission and you get that. Every time. I trained as a cop, and I’ll use all that training to keep your filthy hands off me. You ask, next time. And wait for me to say no.”

While he was still moaning, he heard the door close behind her.

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