Thursday, October 02, 2014

October Newsletter - Jacobites and a new release!


October, phew! My friend Kathryn Falk told me that Mercury was in retrograde, which is rarely a good thing for writers. Most of my work has been busywork, and some of it has been huge fun. Others, not so much.
Shall we get the “not so much” over with?
Ellora’s Cave. You’ve probably seen all the posts around the net. I’m an Ellora’s Cave author, and behind all the fuss about freedom of speech and court cases, there are eight hundred authors and thirty or so editors, cover artists and support staff who would love to be paid. Failing that, to get their rights back.
Because the only clause they are currently accepting for rights reversion means low sales, I’ve taken my Ellora’s Cave books off my website, pending a decision. I did it with enormous regret, because I love those books. I never write a book with less than my whole heart in the writing, but maybe one day I can offer them for sale again. There are nineteen, including Pure Wildfire, STORM and Nightstar series.
There, that’s done now. The one thing I have learned is to move on to whatever comes next.
But I have other books and other projects, so I’m concentrating on those. At the moment it’s historicals. I am still loving writing both the Even Gods Fall In Love and Emperors of London series. Romantic Historical Reviews featured a piece I wrote about the Jacobites and their influence on the people of the eighteenth century here:
And just look at those gorgeous covers!
The next Emperors book is out in November. So is the next Gods book, so you’ll have a double dose of historicals next month!
This month sees a re-release of a Department 57 book. “Topaz Delirium” is one of my favourites, the story of a model and a fashion designer, who happen to be secret agents for the Department. Jasper actually runs the French section, and his secret is very dark.
I would love to write more Department books, but at the moment it’s not looking likely, maybe because I have all those other books to write!
And I’ve been spending money like it’s going out of fashion. Getting my tax return in, booking for RT next year, and preparing for a holiday in Florence has taken time. Don’t you feel sorry for me? (The answer is “No!”) I’ll take some pictures and put them online, I promise!

This month’s release: out on the 13th October

Someone is killing vampires with a new drug and the only people who can discover the source are Svetlana Yevchenko, top model and Jasper, head and chief designer of the House of Lebec and the head of Dept 57 in France.
Svetlana wants Jasper, and he wants her. But they can never give in because Jasper is cursed and through all the lives he remembers no woman has survived the curse. An affair might weaken their attraction to each other – or it might strengthen it.
Svetlana is the greatest temptation Jasper has ever tried to resist but their relationship can never be more than sex. As the latest Dept 57 assignment throws them together, their resistance weakens to the point of total, steaming breakdown. The more they fight the attraction, the deeper it gets.
But when the assignment is over they must face their fate. Again.

Lynne Connolly