Thursday, February 01, 2007

technology rules ok?

The one piece of software I'd advise all writers to take time out to
learn is Microsoft Word. It's virtually industry standard these
days.Editors who edit electronically make great use of the Reviewing
Toolbar, you can customise the program to your heart's content, but you
have to give yourself time to learn.

My copy of Word 2003 is customized just the way I like it.

Now I'm not knocking writer's software, but if you want to buy an extra
piece of software to help you write, remember a couple of things:

1. No piece of software will help you write the book that will sell.
Only you can do that, by adding the extra something that makes your
book special - your viewpoint, your voice.

2. You can customize Word, add templates and so on so that fulfils all your needs all the time.

And good writing!

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