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Newsletter, August 2008

Newsletter, August 2008


Most of my news this month is of the under the hood variety.
Lots of rewriting and editing, getting books into shape for releases later in the year and early next year.

I already told you about selling Richard and Rose to Samhain. I'm really delighted I'm going to be working with Angela James on these books. They're very close to my heart.

I've written a new book and sent it off to New York editors and agents. It's a paranormal romance, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

I did go to the RNA conference at the start of the month. I still haven't written my notes up, but I will, and I'll put an account on the Goodies page of the website.

After the conference, I went to London to visit my good friend Jean Fullerton. She has a trilogy coming out later in the year which will knock your socks off! We visited the London Docklands Museum, and the Jack the Ripper exhibit is wonderful, well worth it. It even had the Dear Boss letter there!

We also went on the Ripper walk. There isn't a lot left of the Ripper's London, but despite that, the walk was really enjoyable. It put everything into perspective, to walk the area and see just how small a part of London was terrorised by the monster. My money's on Tumblety as the Ripper, but our guide thinks it was Koslowski. Any other Ripperologists about?

Currently, I'm writing a paranormal romance book, the next Dept 57 offering, but I've started to think about a new historical series. I just can't keep away from the historicals! When I tried to write Corin's book for the Triple Countess series, the book died on me. It happens sometimes, and I don't really know why, except I suspect I chose the wrong heroine.

So are there any secondary characters you want to know more about? I have a few noted down, and I thought I might write a new series about some of the characters that have interested me, but I had to leave alone for the time being. I can see Corin and maybe his sisters featuring there.

I'd love to get a buzz going about the books, but I haven't the faintest idea how to go about it! Maybe I should just keep writing!


How about a bit from Topaz Delirium? Exclusive to this group,
here's a naughty bit, to heat up your August, a bath scene!

Jasper lifted Svetlana off the bed and carried her to the bathroom

She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “I’m not that weak.

“Humor me” was all he said, his handsome face grimly set. He set her on her feet beside a large ivory-colored bath, half-sunk into the floor

Then he stripped off his robe, tested the water, and climbed in, reaching up his arms to help her

When he sat down, he leaned against the bath and pulled her into his arms, so her back lay against his chest. She felt his cock, hard against her back.

He caressed her, his hard palms sweeping down her body in long strokes. “This is what I should be celebrating in my work, the pure beauty of a real woman.” He cupped her breasts then slid his palms back down again. “Your skin is so soft, so silky. It’s a joy to touch.=

She smiled. “I’m glad it brings you pleasure.

He stroked her buttocks and cupped them under the water. “You have lovely curves that should be celebrated and not suppressed.

“You’re an artist, Jasper.

“A craftsman,” he corrected her. “But don’t tell anyone.” She looked up at him, delighted by his flash of humor. Jasper Lebec had a wonderful natural smile, slightly one-sided, his mobile
mouth curving, his gray eyes full of mirth. She’d never seen him smile so wickedly before, or with the humor that lit him up, making her smile back. “I promise. Why did you go into fashion? It’s such a frivolous industry."

“It’s influential, and it’s powerful, especially here in France. We Department heads need positions of power to stand with the political leaders of our society. We can’t help other Talents if we don’t command respect. Or at the very least, gold. So I spent years making money, moving from alias to alias, as we all do, before I went into this.” He paused, gazing into her eyes. “And I love beauty, I love women. When I saw the ateliers of Paris, I knew I’d found a home.” He stroked her back in rhythmic caresses, his other hand under her head, holding her close

She snuggled closer. Then she wriggled

“Don’t distract me, Svetlana. I’m working very hard on not falling on you like a rutting stag.”

She caught her breath. “Why fight it? You want me that much?”


“Then do it. Fuck me so that when I meet Hugo Berthier tomorrow, I’ll have part of you still with me.” His need excited her, that he would want her so much, so soon.

“You’ll always have that.” He lifted her and slid under her body, his cock pushing briefly at her anus, then sliding up to her clit. She shuddered at the sensation that spiked through her. “But
I’ll fuck you with great pleasure. I know you’re tired, but you’ll have to do without sleep for a while yet. I can’t get enough of you tonight.” His terse, clipped tones belied by the heat simmering in his body, she felt him put up blocks against something he didn’t want her to see. It might be Department business, but she thought not. It felt more personal than that.

She dipped her fingers in the water and touched his cock head. It felt silken, more so than out of the bath, but the skin resisted against her fingers for a moment. She pulled the tiny slit at the top open slightly. His low groan told her he liked it. Gently, so gently, so as to torment him more, she stroked him and curled her fingers under the ridge to explore him. He sat very still under her, and then he groaned.

“Exquisite torture,” he whispered. “Never stop.”

“That’s what I’d like. To never stop.”

“Svetlana --”

“Not now, Jasper.” She lifted her body enough to push him inside her. She used her fingers to ease him into her body and let her fingers push inside with him. Feeling him in her, with her, was addictive, and from the small whimpers Jasper was making, he liked it too. She tried an experimental probe and memorized the feeling of his body inside hers before she withdrew.

She cupped his balls and caressed them. He slid his hands around her waist and up to her breasts, massaging and tugging her nipples in the way he’d already learned she liked.

“Oh Jasper!” She gasped when he drove deep and hard, hitting the spot every time. Her fingers froze on his balls, unable to move while he brought her to orgasm, pulling and tweaking, thrusting deeply.

She was his. She’d always be his. Not that she’d tell him. This was a night of hot sex, frantic fucking, nothing more.

One day, she might be able to believe it.

He rocked into her, holding her tight so all she could do was brace her feet against the sides of the bath and watch and feel. He plunged deep, his body hard under her ass and against her back.
Bending to her, he nibbled and sucked at her neck until she turned her head and blindly met his lips. His tongue thrust into her mouth in sparkling counterpoint to his thrusts into her pussy.

“There’s no one to hear you except me,” he whispered, his breath sinfully hot against the tender flesh of her neck.
“Scream for me. Show me how much you want me.”

She needed no more encouragement. She opened her mouth to cry out for him and for herself, letting him take her higher until she regained a little bit of control and pushed against him. His hand slid down her body to her stomach, and he pressed in with the palm. “Oh God, I can feel us. Svetlana -- darling -- this is so good!”

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