Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Newsletter, September 2009


This month I had to concentrate on my home life, somewhat, but things I'd set in motion beforehand came to fruition this month.

My first piece of news is rather exciting. For anyone who thinks an author is all about the money, well, many of us actually do it for the love. So to have "Yorkshire" available as a free download in the Kindle store is amazing. And the responses have been amazing, too.
"Yorkshire" is available at the Amazon.com Kindle shop - free! Pick up the first in the Richard and Rose series for no charge at all.
It's a full length novel set in the Georgian era.

Rose Golightly is a country girl who thinks her life will continue on its comfortable course, but a series of events changes that for good. On a visit to the ancestral estate of Hareton Abbey, Richard Kerre, Lord Strang, enters her life. A leader of society, a man known for extravagance in dress and life, Richard is her fate. And she is his.
Richard and Rose are back!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-269-5

Richard is to marry a rich, frigid woman in a few weeks, and has deliberately closed his heart to love. Then a coach accident throws his wounded body into Rose’s arms.
With one kiss, Richard and Rose discover in each other the passion they thought they’d never find.
But the accident that brought them together was an act of sabotage. Somewhere, in the rotting hulk of a once beautiful stately home, a murderer is hiding.
Richard and Rose set out to solve the mystery, and find the layers of scandal go deeper than simply determining who is guilty. And that doing the right thing could separate them—forever.

I hope you visit The Good, The Bad and The Unread blog from time to time. I have a regular column there, and I started doing it because I enjoyed it so much. Sybil, the owner, tries to keep it like a magazine, with lots of fresh input and views. I also review, mainly Harlequin/Mills and Boon. When I put a bad review up, I agonise over it, but a few things console me. I won't sugar-coat my reviews on books, but I always make it clear that it's only my opinion and someone else's could be entirely different. And when I review, I do it from the reader's perspective. That's why I won't review books written by friends or books put out by any of my publishers. Too close to home!

Writing - I'm starting on a new series of hot historical novellas. I'm only on the planning stage right now, but a recent visit to London and the purchase of some great new books set me off on a new path. I'll probably feature characters from previous historicals, because there are a few with loose ends I've been asked to clear up, so it's not a new series as such, more a new direction for some favorite characters. I'm so excited about this series. I've never moved the historicals up into the erotic, and even given the setting of the stories I'm not sure all of them would qualify - I still intend to let the characters tell me which way they want the story to go.

I'm in the final stages of writing Kai's book for the Department 57 series. I've loved revisiting Kai, with his long, silver-blond hair and athletic body he's one of my favorite characters. A merman who is totally happy with his existence but aware that something is missing, or in Kai's case, two someones. There is the hint of another romance to come, but whether that will end happily or not, I don't know at this stage.

And "Red Shadow," the next STORM book has been accepted at Ellora's Cave. This features the vampire Johann, my first vampire story since "Rubies of Fire," so that was a challenge, but a welcome one. I've introduced a few new characters, and you will get to reaquaint yourself with some new ones. The series also has a title - Ecstasy in Red. Isn't that nice? I do plan to continue this series with stories from Team Blue, and so on, as long as the ideas keep coming. While Team Red members were essentially fighting remnants left over from the old world, before Talents became generally known, Team Blue have a new challenge to face. But I'll let you guess that for now, as while I know where I want to take the series, I haven't worked out the details yet.

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