Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Newsletter, December 2015

This is my favourite month of my favourite season of the year. Pre-Christmas, when people are excited and happy. I put on my happy songs and write like mad, as well as cooking, decorating the tree and other goodies.
Except we don't have a tree. Because the cat makes himself ill eating pine needles, we have an artificial tree. He still sits under it, brooding darkly, but he doesn't eat it. Just tries to climb it. This year we needed a new tree, and I opted for pre-lit. Except we can't get one that lights up all the way down. The company are ordering a replacement, though I don't hold out much hope that it'll be here before the new year. Got the lights, though. Berries. I might have to go to the park and beg a branch off them, and decorate that!
I don't do a Christmas cake either, because it sits there for a month, then it goes in the bin. I love Christmas cake, but nobody else in my house does. So I do Christmas cupcakes. I have a tree-like stand, and they go on that. There are never any of those left!
In November, I had two deadlines screaming past my ears, so I had to buckle down and work really hard. It was a challenge, but I made it, and I'm very pleased with the books I ended up with. I didn't write them both in November of course, but I did have to polish and revise them double-quick!
And new releases? Oh yes, there's a new Emperors book out in December! If I beg, will you buy it? I loved writing Dominic and Claudia's story! Lady Claudia Shaw is a daughter of the Marquess of Strenshall, but she's a bit on the impetuous side. When she inherits a house, she goes to see it, despite her large family ordering her not to. That's when she discovers she's inherited a brothel. The houses around Covent Garden were built for the gentry, but they moved further West, so they weren't popular for long. The demi-monde moved in.
Dominic is an ex-soldier and reluctant peer, but when you inherit an earldom, there isn't a lot you can do about it. You can't resign, so he dourly gets on with it. The Crown asks him for a special favour, which he undertakes for them. To watch a certain house in Covent Garden. Guess which one!
Dominic spends a lot of the book pulling Claudia out of scrapes, until he finds himself in a scrape of his own, wcich could have terrible consequences.
As I said, I loved writing this one. Do take a look!

Reckless In Pink
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Like the royals for whom they were named, the Emperors of London family have enemies and rivals of their own…

As a soldier for the Crown, Dominic is charged with locating the Young Pretender to the British throne so he can be tried as a traitor. But his mission is altered when he meets Claudia Shaw, an intriguing young woman who has inherited a house of ill repute. In an effort to protect Claudia from her own recklessness, Dominic finds himself allowing the Pretender to slip away…

Claudia is one of the Emperors of London, but her family despairs of her impetuous behavior. And try as he might, the disciplined Dominic cannot quite curb her excesses. In fact, she soon drags him into her adventures—and toward a passion neither can resist. But when a deadly secret comes to light that puts their lives, and their love, at risk, Claudia won’t allow Dominic to sacrifice himself. She is determined to have him—even if it means getting the Young Pretender out of the way herself