Tuesday, December 13, 2016

News December 2016


I took my autumn break with my daughter this month, and we went to Amsterdam! We stayed at the Grand Amrath Hotel, which was an incredible place. It used to house six shipping companies, but now it's a hotel. Check the picture. It's of a stained glass window in the Amrath. I have never stayed at a hotel with gargoyles before!
We went primarily to see the Rijksmuseum, now it's reopened after a four year revamp. We loved it so much we went twice. Its collection of Dutch art is amazing, so very good. It is lacking in other areas, such as the Italian Renaissance but the Dutch paintings more than made up for that. All I can say is that you get only a fraction of the impact of a great painting by viewing it online. You need to go and see it. The Night Watch is so much more, well, more, when you confront it face-to-face. So get out to your local museums and art galleries, give them your patronage.
Getting away like that refreshes and renews. I don't know about you, but I need to do that, go away from everything I know and love for a few days. When I got back, the creative juices were working overtime!
Writing news
I sent in the first of the Shaws books before I went away. I am so happy with this series, and I got the beginnings of another series in my head, which I'm working on now. I can't say that an Emperor of London might not stray over there. I'm a bit of a Jo Beverley in the way I write, with series overlapping and familiar characters coming in. I've noticed that Joss Whedon does that, too.
I am so pleased with the way Veiled In Blue is being received. That was such a delightful book to write, that I'm really happy people are enjoying it. Brace yourselves for Helena's book, coming early next year!
I've had a new release this month, but I'll tell you all about it below.

Crazy In Love
So, my lovely friend Desiree Holt asked me if I wanted to write a story for her Omega Team Kindle World series. Did I!
It was great to get back to contemporary romance, especially for a series that is as successful as this one. The book got into the top ten Kindle World chart the day after release, which I'm very proud of!
I had a story idea ready. An ex-soldier, a woman who has been through trauma is sent to a New York psychiatrist to assess her suitability for a job with the Omega Team. She doesn't realize the psychiatrist is also an ex-soldier, a member of a highly secret team sent in to perilous situations. She doesn't realize that he's her doctor when she sleeps with him.
So there they are, in his office, sorting out the mess when the office is attacked by a group of terrorists. What's a girl to do except tool up and get working?
Here's the official blurb:
 The city can be every bit as dangerous as the battlefield - especially when it comes to love.
In New York for her final assessment before she joins the Omega Team, Joy meets Rick, and indulges in the luxury of a night of sin. It’s everything she wants, and more.
Rick Kendall can’t forget his night with Joy. Not until he meets his newest client - Jozefina Ziolkowski, Joy to her friends. He can’t take her as a patient, and sending her back to Tampa means he won’t see her again. That’s unacceptable to him.
The unexpected arrives, and they find themselves the center of an armed attack. Joy discovers Rick is a whole lot more than a city shrink. Special forces medic turned psychiatrist, Rick will need every one of his skills to help the woman he is growing to love. What does Joy have that these creeps want? Finding out means they’re in a ton of trouble. Not finding out means Joy is dead.
Something’s gotta give.
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