Friday, March 03, 2017

News for March 2017


It's been a very interesting month. Some good, some bad, but that's writing for you!
First, the good news. Veiled in Blue reached number one in the historical romance best seller list at Amazon! Yes, of course I'm thrilled to bits. And of course I took umpteen screen shots. I absolutely
loved writing this whole series, but Veiled In Blue was Julius's book, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Julius is a man who had to develop a hard skin to cope with his manipulative mother and his careless father. He deserved some happiness of his own, especially after his disastrous first marriage. So I had the pleasure of giving him the happy ending he deserved!
As always, there's more to write about the bad news than the good, though Heaven knows why that is. Sadly, at the end of February, Samhain Publishing closed its doors. I've been there since the beginning, when they published first the Triple Countess series, then the Richard and Rose series. They were a great publisher, and they produced some brilliant covers for my books. I met some wonderful people there. My heart goes out to everybody who is affected by this closure, but I have to say that Crissy Brashear did it right. She is getting the books pulled from the sites as quickly as possible, so she can send out the reversions that we need in order to republish.
But, sadly, Samhain Publishing is no more. I'm exploring possibilities, but I do want to get the books back up as fast as possible. The Even Gods Fall In Love series is one that could continue, for instance. Other publishers have kindly come forward, but I'm still thinking about what I want to do with those books. I really don't know. I do want to make them available, but the time and expense involved is rather daunting, especially when I have another series from the equally defunct Ellora's Cave to get out there.
But, onwards and upwards, as they say!
I'm making plans for my annual visit to the US, but with a side visit to Dublin. It's a wonderful city, and my husband and myself are taking a few days to ourselves before I fly over the ocean. I'm looking forward no end to the visit.

New Release - Wild Lavender

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