Saturday, November 30, 2013

Liquid Crystal Release!

This month marks the re-release of Liquid Crystal, the first of the Crystal miniseries set in the Dept 57 world. This is the only time menages formed the center of the book, and Liquid Crystal introduces the merpeople.
Here’s your first look at the new cover for the book, too! Like it?

Learn the Secrets of Underwater Loving - Times Two!
An unseen, unsuspected enemy rises up to threaten Crystal's life, until her old friends, Bryn and Kai, rescue her from an unexpected and unwelcome plunge into the Thames. When they all sleep in the same bed, the passion they wake in each other is as amazing as it is inevitable. When Bryn and Kai reveal their secret - they are mermen - and show Crys the secrets of underwater loving, the passion they release is incredible.
But their enemy still chases them, and now Crys, Bryn and Kai are in danger of their lives. Even in a city as busy and modern as London, England, old enemies lurk and old secrets hide.

      Bryn? She almost put a crick in her neck, she turned on her side so quickly.  There he lay. Bryn Murchison, fast asleep, close but not touching her, his face turned towards hers.  The covers were drawn up to his shoulders, which were bare. Was the rest of him? What was this? The fearful words date rape seared into her brain.
      Clutching at her body in panic, Crys was relieved to find herself clad in a t-shirt, much too big, but that was all to the good, because it covered more of her. She forced her mind to accommodate what was happening. How could she be here? In bed with Bryn? Date rape, would they really do that? From the bottom-of-a-parrot’s-cage feeling in her mouth, it seemed likely.
      Except she didn’t like to think it of him. It didn’t work. For one thing, Bryn was gay. And she hoped her judgment of character was better than to mistake a warm friendship of twelve months for rabid desire.
      “Morning, precious.”
      Twisting on to her back so fast she almost winded herself, Crys looked up into the sea-blue eyes of Kai Murdoch.  Feelings and sensations were back with a vengeance now, and she felt the presence of two warm bodies close to her like a protective sleeping blanket. Or a captive one.
      Panic gripped her so hard she couldn’t move for a minute, then she lashed out, her only thought to get out of here and to the police.
      Kai caught her wrists, bearing them down to either side of her head, seemingly without effort, leaning over her to speak to her gently. “Wait a minute, baby. We’re not the enemy here.”
      “No, we’re not.” Bryn’s sleepy voice sounded amazingly normal. “Give us a chance, Crys, and we’ll tell you what happened after you conked out.”
      Swallowing, she subsided. With these two powerful men she really had little choice. She’d have to try to get away by other means. Find a telephone, perhaps. “Tell me then,” she croaked.
      “First things first.” Hoisting her up, to rest her back against his chest, Kai brought a glass of what looked like water to her lips. “You’re thirsty. Drink, Crys.”
      “No!” Convinced they intended to drug her again, she clamped her lips shut. Kai sighed and put the glass down on the small bedside table behind him. “Listen, then. Yes, you were drugged, but not by us. Do you remember anything about last night?”
      She closed her eyes briefly and shuddered when the memories flooded back. “Yes.” She took a deep breath to steady herself. “I got into Mike’s SUV and they gave me a drink, vodka I think they said it was, but it tasted strange so I didn’t want to finish it. I started to feel dizzy. They forced the drink down my throat.” Her eyes snapped open. “You didn’t do it, they did. So why am I here and not with them?”
      Bryn tucked his arms behind his head, the sinews flexing with his movements. He seemed perfectly at ease, lying naked for all she knew under the crisp white sheets. “Crys, they threw you in the river. They wanted us to rescue you, so they could capture us. They didn’t care about you, you were just their bait.  I’m sorry.”
      “What?” She remembered some of the muttering she’d heard as she’d gone under. Mike and Geoff and their twisted friends said something about the river. And a bridge. “Which bridge?”
      “Vauxhall.” That was right, that was what they said. “I got a call on my mobile telling us to go there, if we wanted to see you alive again. We knew what they planned, but we had no choice.”
      “We could hardly leave you at the bottom of the Thames, now could we?” Kai asked from behind her. She still rested against him, weaker than she could ever remember feeling in her life before, but her panic subsiding a little now. “Crys, you know we’d never hurt you. Deep down you know that’s the truth.”
      She did. She found it impossible to believe these men would deliberately hurt her. Their friendship had been understanding and steadfast; why would they suddenly do this to her now? So she listened.
      “They tied you up, and sealed your nose and mouth with duct tape. That’s what probably saved you, because you didn’t take in water when you went into the Thames. Once we got the stuff off you, I breathed air into you while Kai freed you.”
      “How did you do that?” Kai and Bryn exchanged a glance. Crys sighed. “I want to know. I’m finding all this so hard to believe, I need to know it all.”
      “She does.” Bryn lost all his customary good humor, and watched her carefully. “They were right about one thing, Crys. I am a merman.”
Look for Liquid Crystal re-released soon!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Summer Sins of Kathy Kulig

I'm thrilled to post news from my friend Kathy Kulig, who writes awesome books! Anyway, over to you, Kathy!

SUMMER SINS by Kathy Kulig
Release day: November 15
Ellora’s Cave
BDSM Erotica, Taboo Line

Thanks so much for having me as a guest, Lynne. SUMMER SINS is part of the TropiX series. All books are completely separate stand-alone books and can be read in any order. SPRING BREAK is a ménage erotic romance. Other books will follow.

I have a number of awesome prizes in my Release CONTEST. $25 Gift Card to an ebook store of the winner’s choice, Free Ebooks, and, to a US resident—a 2014 Ellora’s Cave Cavemen Calendar. Sign up through the Rafflecopter at any blog tour stop. Contest runs from November 15- December 14.
Blurb: Master Adrian Cayne knows how to bring exquisite pain or pleasure to a woman’s body. Before he’ll take on an inexperienced submissive, he expects her to pass a series of seductive tests of increasing intensity to see if she’s receptive to his unique and dark skills. Under his command and relentless determination, she’ll relinquish control to him.
Emma is known to thoroughly research her articles for the tabloid magazine Scandal. Her latest assignment to write about Dark Odyssey, a new BDSM club, is her chance to indulge in her taboo desires for the sex she craves as a submissive. With her job and future career on the line, she has to write a lurid, gossipy story. But her heart isn’t in it because she falling for Adrian.
Raw and hot passion draws them past guarded limits, but when secrets are revealed, trust will be the final test for true love.

Excerpt 3: Adrian fixed his gaze on her with that intense look she’d seen before. “Matt’s right about one thing. Single women will get hit on all night in this club. You can say you’re not interested or no thank you, but you’d be spending most of your night doing that. You’re young and beautiful and the fact that you’re here usually means you’re looking to hook up.”
“I told you what I wanted and you weren’t interested,” Emma said.
“Daniel couldn’t help you?” he crossed his arms over his chest, making the muscles in his arms stand out.
“He was busy with customers. I haven’t talked to him yet.”
He narrowed his eyes at her. “What are you doing tomorrow?”
“I have to work.”
“Tomorrow evening,” he asked again.
“I have no plans.”
He smiled. “Would you like to sit down?” he pointed to a couple of chairs by a large hibiscus bush, its scarlet flowers folded for the evening.
She and Adrian sat down. “Are you going to train me?” she asked.
“I’m going to test you first.” He took her hand and rubbed her knuckles, then turned her hand over and stroked her palm and wrist. Chills raced up her arms.
Her breath caught. “What kind of test?” Her nipples tightened and her pussy was soaking. He hadn’t done anything. How did he do that?
“I need to see how receptive you are as a submissive. You may say you’re serious, but I’ll be able to tell with a few tests.” His fingers slid up her arm.
Emma’s pulse quickened and she parted her legs slightly. She was that horny. After wandering around in the sexually charged atmosphere, she couldn’t help it. She wanted it too, she wanted Adrian even though they’d just met. “How can you tell?”
“Close your eyes. Trust me.”
She searched his face trying to figure out what he had planned.
“You’re hesitating. A sub would follow an order immediately. Cynthia said you could trust me, right?”
She nodded and closed her eyes.
“Relax.” He glided his fingers up and down her arm, then the other arm. She shivered, then he paused and moved up to her shoulders and neck. The anticipation on where he’d touch her next excited her and heightened her response. Her body was on fire. His caresses were so sensual, so hypnotic and turned her on. Tilting her chin, she gave him access to touch her neck, stroking her, tripping over her collar bone. Her blood pounded in her ears. Then he stopped touching her and her breathing increased. What happened? Why did he stop? She wasn’t going to open her eyes because he didn’t tell her to.
The salty scent of the ocean mingled with the sweet smell of night jasmine. She hadn’t noticed the jasmine blooms anywhere before but the smell drifted on the breeze. Voices of the guests surrounded her, laughter and moans, footsteps, all at a distance.
“Focus on me and what I’m doing,” Adrian said, his voice now in front of her.

Contest runs from November 15th – December 14th.

Kathy’s Links: Website
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Monday, November 04, 2013

News for November, 2013


Halloween isn't as big over here as in the States, but that's partly because we have Bonfire Night. On November  5th 1605 a group of disaffected Catholics tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Some say Guy Fawkes, the man assigned to set the charge was the only honest man who entered the building. Consequently on the same date every year we have bonfires and fireworks, with a Guy, a stuffed straw man, standing on the top. The celebration is a development of the old customs of Britain, when the people allowed themselves feasts and fun. The old mayhem of Mayday and the abundance of the harvest festival are more cases in point, and also examples of how cleverly Christianity took over the old festivals. Not all of them were religious, of course.
The fireworks are accompanied by roasted chestnuts, toffee apples, sausages and other hot goodies, and very often funfairs too. There are a fair few fireworks displays and almost every house has a bonfire party. Sometimes the bonfires are the centre of th party. It breaks up the early nights and the arrival of the cold, wet weather of autumn.
So that means the box set of Hosts to Ghosts is still available at 99 cents for a while. I told you all about it last month, so I won't go on about it more, just a little nudge in case you want a copy, because it’s going up to its full price soon.
That was the ad break. Now NaNo. I do NaNoWriMo most years. I love the concept, that it's for people who always meant to write that novel and never got around to it. NaNo gives that person a definite ambition, so that even if you don't reach the projected word count of 50,000, you're still a winner. These days, with everyone and his grandmother self-publishing on the various platforms, you can even see your book published. But the difference between that and between producing something on a regular basis that is good enough to satisfy both publishers and readers is, I have learned, major. I used to write a lot, but it was always for me. I tore up what I wrote, or left the pages somewhere. Old filing cabinets where I used to work, for instance. I bet they've been incinerated years ago. Snatches of stories, books, ideas sparked by something I've seen. I've always written, as long as I could put pen to paper, so I could probably have done NaNo anyway, but not with something I had the confidence to send out for others to read. During those years I learned more about writing than I thought, which only goes to show that learning by doing is a great way to pick things up. 
This year I'm writing more than one book, I think. Novellas, with any luck, but more about those later. I'm also working on the next book in the upcoming Even Gods Fall In Love series, a project I'm very excited about!
We are starting to work on the next Nightstar book, to get it ready for publication. It's one that many of you want to read about - Zazz is up next!