Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Release! Nice 'n' Easy

Today sees the release of the third Nightstar book, Nice 'n' Easy! Donovan Harvey, the bassist for Murder City Ravens has a secret life.

Book Three in the Nightstar series.Heart-stoppingly sexy Donovan Harvey, bassist for Murder City Ravens, is also a writer. At his first fantasy convention, he wants to launch his new book, not find the love of his life. He gets both.
Allie, unabashed fan and book editor, can’t believe she’s locking lips with the bassist for the hottest band, but sometime during their first searingly hot encounter she discovers Donovan the man, not the rock musician, and she’s even more smitten.
They can’t get enough of each other. In the shower, against the wall, even in bed, Donovan talks during sex, leading Allie through fantasies she’d never imagined before, presenting her with scenarios she can’t resist, setting her alight with steamy stories he’ll never share with anyone else. She inspires him. He gives her ideas.
But Murder City Ravens is on a world tour, and Allie needs to stay in New York if she’s to make a success of her career. When her company asks her to poach Donovan from his current publisher, Allie hesitates, but her boss makes it impossible for her to refuse without losing her job.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
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and there's an excerpt here!

Friday, April 05, 2013

News for April

On to the news. There is some this month, a goodly bundle.
First, thank you so much for making my venture into self-publishing so successful. While I only skim the top selling lists, and lucky to do so, I’m still doing nicely, and, much to my surprise, with the Regencies most of all. I know they have spiffy new covers, but not much else has changed, and yet they’re finding a new lease of life. After I’d been told that there wasn’t the market for Regencies that there used to be, and nobody wanted “historical” historicals any more, their success has bowled me over and delighted me.
So much that I’ve started writing a new Regency. My first for years. This is a book that has to be a Regency, it wouldn’t work so well in any other era, because the dilemmas faced by the characters were ones faced by many in the era. I’ve wanted to tackle it for a while, but I thought the genre was dying. Not for me. I don’t plan to sell this one on, either, I’m planning to self-publish it, when it’s ready. I have an editor lined up, and the cover art, so all I have to do is write it! I’m feeling more optimistic about the historical genre than I have for a long time.
However, I haven’t abandoned the contemporaries and the paranormals. Finally after all this time, I’m beginning to sense where I am in the market and where I need to go. As an author of mainly m/f paranormals, on the hot side, I think the publishers I have now are about right for that. I do the occasional genre, but not m/m. For me, anyway, there has to be a woman in there somewhere. I read m/m’s and love them, but I don’t write them so well. Some people have a real gift for it.
I’ve just had an offer of a new contract for the next and last book in the Symbiotics series. “Journey of the Senses” is about Jim Goddard, the younger brother of the heroine of the first book, “Texas Heat.” This brings the series about strong men, women with minds of their own and kinky sex full circle. I had absolutely no idea it was going to turn into a series when I started it, but sales have been great, which means you like them.
There are also new Nightstar books coming up, and this month sees the release of Nice ‘n’ Easy, about the sexy bass player, Donovan, and the woman he meets at a Sci-fi and Fantasy convention. I’ll post an excerpt and details nearer the time, because it doesn’t come out until the 24th. I’ve been delighted by how well this series has been received, and I think rock musicians are most definitely for me!
And here’s my busy, busy month. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of these places, do give me a call or email. Or just come and see me!
On the 13th, I’m talking to some students at Oxford University at the “Pitch Across The Pond” one day conference.
On the 14th, I’m travelling to London and on the 15th and the 16th, I’m attending the London Book Fair. On the 16th I’m signing books and chatting at the Ellora’s Cave booth. I’ve never been to the LBF before, so it should be lots of fun!
On the 21st, I’m flying out to Washington, DC for a few days looking around the capital. I’m planning a trilogy in the STORM universe set in the city, so it’s part research, part, just because I’m dying to see the place.
On the 28th, I’m flying to Kansas City for the RT Booklovers’ Convention. I’m teaching at the Boot Camp (GMC and dialogue – with cockneys and puppets, or perhaps it’s cockney puppets!). I’m opening the convention with RT owner Kathryn Falk, on the first-timer’s class, then I’m signing at both the Expo and the Book Fair on the Saturday.
After that, I’m flying to Texas for some down time and some research with my friends Desiree Holt and Kathryn Falk. Last year I discovered that I love Texas. It’s like nowhere else I’ve ever visited. And by then it will be May, so it’s going to be hot! I could do without the palmetto bugs, though.
So next month’s newsletter could be a bit late, although I’ll try to get it sorted out when I can. I’m planning to do my usual daily blog from RT over at The Good, The Bad and The Unread, so check up on my impressions of RT there!

After that, I’m going to sleep for a week, then I’m going to write, write, write!