Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Football crazy

Well, the football is taking over. England had their match against Sweden today, and drew. Through to the next round, top of the group, the next match is with Ecuador. Pundits are going nuts, fans are having their best holiday for four years.

It seems strange that a big sector of one continent doesn't care, and the another sector has elevated football to what amounts to a religion.

The USA doesn't care, or most of it doesn't, and South America is rabid about it.

Me? Somewhere in between. I have to be, England are second favourites this time, next to the astounding Brazil, but that doesn't mean a lot. Let's just hope they peak, now the group stages are over and they're through to the last 16.

The USA team is making a great showing, though they're in quite a tough group. I've been watching with great interest.

But the burning question is - if England fail at the next stage, what are we going to do with the light-up footballs, the Cross of St George car flags, banners and team strips? What about the T-shirts with "Three Lions" and "Come on England" on them?