Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh for an ounce of fat!

This is really scary. I've been looking forward to the release of "Pirates of the Caribbean 2," but I've just seen the pictures of Keira Knightley at the London premiere. She wears a bronze dress that is draped loosely over her top half, and should look gorgeous.
But it doesn't.
Why? Because Ms Knightley doesn't have a figure any more. The dress shows most of her chest, and it is a chest, the breasts have completely gone. I'm not going to bitch and snark, this is much too serious for that.
Who told her this look is good for her? Who has encouraged her to do this?
In my time, I've known a few models (my mother was in what she calls the Rag Trade) and I know all about crash dieting, and what happens to the body after a few years of starvation. But nothing is as bad as this.
I am so sorry for her, and angry on her behalf, too. Either she's been encouraged to do it, or the stress is getting the better of her. And in her position, nobody will offer her the help she needs. She'll have to do it all herself.