Saturday, May 12, 2007


I've been tagged by Erin Grady
Apparently I'm supposed to tell 8 things that no one knows about me (nobody?) and then I'm supposed to tag 8 people.
Well, I thought, but there is nothing that somebody doesn't know about me. My husband knows pretty much everything, and my mother knows the rest. So I'm settling for 'little known.'

Okay, here we go:
1. I adore Belgian truffles. When I was breastfeeding my babies, I used them as rewards, especially for the boy who was, shall we say, a little rough!
2. I want to create two pictures in miniature form - a Watteau and a Hogarth. A life's ambition!
3. I wrote my first story when I was 7, and I still have it. The teacher read us the start of the story of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and we had to finish it. I was hooked! Three badly spelled pages later and I was set on my life's course.
4. My cat, Jack, is my Mews. He sits on the back of the sofa where I work, and helps me by climbing on to my lap from time to time and right clicking.
5. My favourite city in the world is Florence. You can feel the electricity of the place when you step into the central square. There's something truly magical about Florence.
6. I fell in love with the Georgian era when I was 9. We did a school project on tea and coffee, and I found a picture of a coffee house. Instant infatuation, leading to lifelong adoration.
7. I read the tarot, and own one of the original 12 Crowley Thoth packs ever produced. Reading them is a ride!
8. My favourite wine is Nuit St Georges. My favourite single malt is Tormore.

There! Now I have to tag 8 people. Here we go:

Doreen Orsini
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Betty Hanawa
Jo Beverley
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