Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm back!

After a few weeks away from my desk, I'm finally back and blogging.
My career has been turned upside down, but as the dust settles, I'm actually very happy with the place I've found myself in.
Triskelion closing was a severe blow - I had 12 books with them, and suddenly, none of them were available any more. Three are still tangled up in the mess left by the company's bankruptcy, so I have to wait to see if I get them back. My heart goes out to the authors, editors and other staff involved in the debacle.
Onwards and upwards! Or that was what I told myself when I woke up to find that I had 5 books left in circulation - all historicals. My career in paranormal romance seemed to be over.
Or was it?
Nope. You can see on the right that I have temporary covers for my books (thank you Gail!) That's because they are not dead, merely sleeping. The Wildfire series, now retitled Pure Wildfire, is coming out from Ellora's Cave, a publisher I've long admired and wanted to join, but my loyalty to Triskelion kept me with that company.
I know some of you will be saying "more fool you," but I intend to keep it that way. Why should I lower my standards when someone lets me down? Does that mean every company has the same attitude? Hell, no. I intend to continue to give any company who offers me the chance of publication my loyalty and thanks, and I won't renege on any agreement, even if they do (and this time around, I've been very selective as to the companies I've submitted my work to).
And Dept 57 has received an offer, so Cristos is not dead, merely sleeping! RUBIES OF FIRE and DIAMONDS OF ICE are two of the books still tied up, but I think they'll revert to me in the fullness of time. Meantime, I'm rewriting THE CHEMISTRY OF EVIL to make it a true Department book, so you'll see it soon, with a new title, lightly renamed characters and a bit more steam! But never fear - the story will still be paramount, and I won't compromise that or take the book into screaming BDSM or anything like that. Sofie and Evan will still be Sofie and Evan. The contract for this book ran out last January, so it's mine all mine, and I want to make it sing. I'll tell you the new company as soon as I can, but negotiations are ongoing and I'm very pleased!
Then there's the historicals. I think I ought to blog separately about those, TMI and all that.
But that's the news, and if anything else transpires, I'll let you know.
If you want to ask me anything, this seems like a good place. My shambolic organising capabilities will just about see me through checking from time to time!