Saturday, August 18, 2007


So it's my birthday soon. And some friends come over to help me celebrate. I'm planning to count my drinks, because that way I don't get carried away.
Only because it's my birthday, some kind soul kept topping up my glass - when I wasn't looking. So by my count, I had 4 glasses of wine all night. But they were of the never-get-to-the-bottom kind.
Now I had a promotional event to attend today, so I really wanted to be up early and bouncy. Instead, I lay in bed moaning "my head hurts." How could that have happened on four glasses of wine?
I got up shamefully late, and only because if I hadn't my children would have starved to death, or so they claimed, and when I went outside to dump the kitchen trash, I see three empty wine bottles nestling coyly among the beer cans. Only two of us drank red wine last night.
Which explains why my head hurt so much.

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