Monday, December 10, 2007


I came to a big decision recently. Well, for me, anyway.
I've been reading some great books, but although they're called 'romances' the romance is a bit, well, distant. Or it's based on lust, and by the end of the story I'm not entirely convinced these two were made for each other. They just fancy each other like mad, but they don't really know each other. And then there are the 'fated mates' stories where biology dictates that they get together and their desire is overwhelming. So in theory, they could hate each other's guts and still go on bonking their little hears out.
So, I'm putting the romance back. Or, trying to. I pledge that the couples (or threesomes occasionally) are going to fall in love. They will go through the process. True, in the case of my paranormal beings, they might be a bit faster, because they can read each other's minds, but they will fall in love. No 'fated mates,' no lust instead of love (although they will probably lust the hell out of each other because that's part of falling), no adventure that overwhelms the romance, although you know me, there will still be adventure!
2008 will be, for me, the return of the romance.