Monday, February 02, 2009

Newsletter, January 2009

Lynne Connolly, author of Dark, Provocative Romance

Newsletter, January 2009

I really wanted to get this out on January 1st, but you know how it is!
Anyway, happy new year to everyone, I hope you get what you want this year, within reason, of course!
I have some exciting news that I can't announce yet, but when I can, you'll be the first to hear. But everything else is on course, and I'm working hard to try to keep up.
I'm still publishing columns at The Good, The Bad and The Unread. The latest is about the changes happening on my side of the Atlantic, and the way the publishing world seems to be drawing ever closer together.
I have a new release this month, the second Richard and Rose book. I adored writing "Devonshire," and it was a joy to revisit. I went there on my honeymoon, and although we stayed on the north coast and Rose lives near the south coast of the county, we did take trips all around. It's a stunningly beautiful place, and I hope I've conveyed some of the atmosphere and sights in my book. As always, I took real life places and fictionalised them, although I have to confess that Peacock's is straight out of my imagination. I imagine James is going to rebuild the manor to become something like Saltram House, the gorgeous place designed by Robert Adam. I think Martha would like that.
I'm going down to London on the 8th to attend a friend's book launch. Jean Fullerton and I have struggled through the publishing world together, and I was so thrilled when she got first an agent, then a three book contract with Orion, that it could almost have been me. Now "No Cure For Love," the first book in the trilogy is out and I'm going to help her celebrate. Not that she'll need much help!
Currently I'm trying to write the next Team Red book for Ellora's Cave. I had to stop when I realised a part of the story didn't work, but I think I'm back on track now. I still have to launch the STORM series, but EC took the first one, Red Alert, and I can't wait to tell you about it nearer the time!
I'm waiting to hear about the publication date for the last Pure Wildfire series, Thunderfire, which is ready to go. It was sad saying goodbye to the members of the band, but it became obvious to me that it would be a shame to keep revisiting them, so Chris Keys' story is the last in the series, and I hope you'll agree, rounds it off with a great climax.
Next month, watch out for the last Secrets book, "Tantalizing Secrets," and a brand new Department 57 story, "Crystal Captive." I've been busy! I hope you enjoyed revisiting Sophie and Evan in "The Chemistry of Evil" this month, together with the extra heat I managed to inject into the rewrite!

Excerpt and blurb:
Awkward, unsure Rose Golightly was used tobe being snubbed by those higher on the social ladder. Now, as the sister of an earl and fiancĂ©e of one of the most admired men in society, she can hold her head high. With Richard, respectability—and lifelong passion—are hers.
Behind Richard’s aloof, sophisticated facade lies a man of shrewd intelligence, fierce loyalty, and deep devotion to those he loves. He is a man of principle who will fight fair when necessary, dirty when cornered. Rose is one of only two people he trusts, but she doesn’t yet know all his secrets.
Gangs of smugglers rule the coast, and the Rose’s brother’searl’s decision to stand up to them has puts herRose’s life in danger. The only way Richard can save her is to reveal every dark corner of his life.
Otherwise, he could lose her.

This excerpt is a naughty bit, so please, no under 18's!

A breath on my ear woke me, and I spun around, startled awake. I sighed with relief when I saw who it was. “Richard.”
“Hush, love.”
I put my hand to my mouth, to quieten myself. He leaned across the bed to me. “Aren’t you going to ask me in?”
“Have you locked the door?”
I threw back the covers, while he stripped off his robe and got in. He was naked, but he got into bed so quickly I didn’t see him properly. Immediately he drew me close, and I felt at home and safe. His chuckle bewildered me until I felt his hands on my braids. “I couldn’t stop Fraser doing them for me.”
“While I’m sure they are extremely practical,” he said, his hands busy unravelling, “I prefer it when your hair is loose. I like to feel it flowing over my hands, winding me in its web.”
“So I’m a spider?”
He kissed my forehead, his lips just brushing the skin. “Arachne was a beautiful woman, turned into a spider for boasting and being right about it. You never boast, my love. Perhaps you should.”
“It’s not in my nature.”
“Then I shall boast for you. I’m lucky to get you, sweetheart.”
I laughed. “So you keep telling me.”
He finished undoing the braids and thrust his fingers into my hair, combing them through the locks to untangle them. “Much better.” He looked down at my face. “And if I keep telling you, you might believe it one day.”
“I’ll do my best. I have to promise to obey you soon, don’t I?”
He grinned. “So you do.”
Lifting up on one elbow, he leaned over me, and smoothed the hair back from my face. He’d brought a branch of candles in with him, and it stood on the nightstand by the bed, casting a light on his gleaming hair and his fine-drawn features. Looking intently down at me he said, “This is almost enough. Almost.” He bent his head to kiss me.
What began as a gentle kiss of welcome soon deepened into something more, his tongue reaching into my mouth, his desire searing through my entire body. I arched and felt his hands on me, pulling up my voluminous nightgown.
Eagerly I helped him, undoing the little buttons at the cuffs and neck, sitting up so he could pull it off over my head. Casting it aside, heedless of where it fell, he gazed at me, only me.
He touched my breast, traced the swell below and then cupped it, testing its weight. I closed my eyes and drew a breath. I was so sensitive to his touch.
“Every time,” he murmured, “every time I touch you it feels like a miracle. That you want me, that you, so lovely, could have lain like Sleeping Beauty, waiting for me.” He kissed the nipple, pushing with his hand to take more into his mouth.
His tongue curved, caressing me, and I touched his back, partly for support, partly for the sheer joy of contact. His touch made me weak and soft, his need for me made me want to give him everything without stint.
He drew back, only to fold his arms around me and seek my mouth with his. He gave me a long, penetrating kiss, his hands smoothing, caressing, rousing my body to a peak of need.
He smelled like no one else. Under the citrus perfume he preferred lurked an even sharper edge. Him. I’d know him anywhere now, in the dark, the light, in the middle of a crowded ballroom by scent alone. He surrounded me with his essence, held me fast, held me close. I moved my hands over the muscles of his back, feeling his reined-in athletic strength.
When he broke the kiss he was smiling. “I love you.” He laid me down and moved over me to enter me.