Friday, June 22, 2012

Newsflash - FREE BOOK!

My new release, Black Leather, White Lace is free on Kindle on 22nd and 23rd June, 2012!

Get your copy now!

Vernon and Nathaniel Heatherington are brothers on opposites sides in the English Civil War. When they duel, each slaughters the other, and they are forced to haunt their old home, Rustead Abbey, until they have expiated their sin.

Vernon Heatherington falls in love with the Regency Countess of Rustead, Cassandra. He is her only comfort in her unhappy marriage, but Vernon has only one day of corporeal form a year. Can they cram a lifetime's loving into a handful of days?

Two centuries later, Nathaniel Heatherington falls madly in love with Sylvie, the current Countess. When a TV crew descends on the Abbey, Sylvie's philandering husband is murdered. Nathaniel is granted corporeal form to find the murderer, but faced with the reality of Sylvie, he founds her impossible to resist. And Sylvie loves him back.

Sensuality from ghosts? You'd better believe it!

You can read an excerpt here: