Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hosts to Ghosts, now in a box set at 0.99! For a limited time only!

For a limited time, get the box set of Hosts to Ghosts for 0.99!

Three scorching stories in one box set! Vernon, Nathaniel and The Haunting of Belle Sauvage!

In the linked stories of Black Leather, White Lace, brothers, Vernon and Nathaniel Heatherington, face each other across the yawning chasm of the English Civil War. Their involvement ends in tragedy, when they kill each other in a duel, and they are condemned to haunt the family home until they atone for the sin of fratricide.

Vernon finds his redemption during the Regency, when Cassandra, the current countess, desperately needs his help to protect her from her boor of a husband. His love for her is the only thing that can save her, but Vernon cannot promise anything else.

In the present day, Nathaniel finds the house filled with investigators from the ghost-hunting TV series Hosts to Ghosts. He’s more concerned with Sylvie, the American countess, whose husband threatens to derail the estate and the house. He must sacrifice his happiness to give her the heir she desperately needs to save the inheritance.

The Haunting of Belle Sauvage is set in present day France and America. In France, the owner of Hosts to Ghosts is forcibly converted to a vampire. Although he swears to keep away from his beloved wife Karey, Jordan has to return to the old USA plantation house when an ex-lover threatens to kill her. Voodoo, lost treasure and Jordan’s new state all mitigate against Jordan finding a future with his wife, but Karey has enough courage to fight for the man she loves.

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