Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back from the Cave

Ellora's Cave has reverted the rights back to me of my unpublished work (yay!). When we were informed of the change in editorial policy, I asked for my rights back. Although they had the right to do as they planned, I felt it wasn't in the spirit of the contract, and I was extremely unhappy that they changed it. Now I have the books back.
 I'll list them here. And I'm going to say it straight out. If anyone is interested in these books, they are back in my possession and available to be contracted.
All this publicity might as well do some good, right? So here I am, pitching.

1. A trilogy about a scandal set in Washington, DC. With dragons and other paranormal creatures originally planned as a STORM miniseries. This is in proposal, not yet written. Once I've tweaked it, it can be a standalone trilogy, or the start of a new series.
2. Last Enchantment. A full manuscript. It's about a woman with incredible psychic powers, and those powers rely on her virginity. Six months before the story starts, she's raped, and  now she's trying to find a new purpose in life. The hero is a vampire earl-spy who helps her do that. I'm thinking of rewriting him as a dragon. This was written as part of the STORM series, but I'd love to do a bit of rewriting and refresh the whole concept. 
3. Her Dark Star. A full manuscript. A rock band manager who is a bit of a slob, meets a woman who used to be a girl pop star. They're both guest judges on a reality show. He cleans up, she smartens up and they fall in love. It was written as the last book in the Nightstar series, but with some light rewriting, could form the start of the new rock star series that I was creating before all the waste matter inappropriately struck the air distribution system.

So there you have it. Three stories I'm very proud of looking for new homes. I could self-publish, but that takes a lot of time and money, and right now I don't have a lot of either.