Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Giving Up?

At the beginning of April I was seriously considering a break in writing, or at least, in publishing my work. With the closure of three of the publishers I worked with, and the ending of a series, it seemed like a good time to take a breather. The publishing market hasn't got any easier over the years, and it's hard work, keeping up to date, keeping the website current, getting the newsletter out, and oh, yes, writing.
Dauntless came out at the end of June, the third of the four books in The Shaws series, so I planned to give myself a little time to plan my next move.

But then three things happened that made my decision redundant.

First, I have a new agent! Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon is handling my contracts for historical romance. I'm thrilled to have her on my side, even more since I met her in San Diego recently. I'm waiting now, on two submissions, both historical series.
It's hard to wait, but I need to be patient. Or so I'm telling myself!

Second, I have a new contract for contemporary romance! I haven't published any contemporary romance for a while, so it's really great to get back to it. I have signed a contract with Tule Publishing for a quartet about four brothers who find their loves. But it's not that easy for them, or where would be the fun in that? At the start of the series only two brothers know each other, but they find that their mother had some shocks in store in two more siblings they had no idea about!
I've handed the first manuscript in, and I'm working on the second. Stay tuned for more developments, and release dates!

Third, I have a new contract with Kensington! I am writing a whole new historical set of characters. These are the forgotten ladies, the ones at the back of the ballroom, the ones people don't notice. But they notice plenty, and this helps them in their new quest. In an age when there was no police force, and when many officials were corrupt, and wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near a ballroom, they set out to fight injustice and solve crimes. Led by a woman too rich to marry, they form the Society for Single Ladies, and give themselves a new start in life. Oh yes, and since I write romance, they'll be finding love as they give up the idea of love entirely!

I am so thrilled about these developments, and it just goes to show - never give up, keep trying, if your heart is in the work.

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