Sunday, March 03, 2019

March news! Gallivanting!

I've been on two trips in February. The first was to London with my daughter.
We went to see the Dior exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was amazing, especially the older designs. We found the Galliano for Dior designs flashy, clever, but show pieces. You can't wear a Galliano out to the shops, but you could put on your Christian Dior, your Bohan or your YSL. My mother worked for YSL when he had his own line and atelier. She had a lot of respect for him.
This was my daughter's favourite dress, and I'm not going to argue with her.



And then I went to Barcelona! How lucky am I? Fellow author and good friend Sonja Rouillard (aka Kate Allure) called me and asked me if I wanted to spend a few days with her. Did I!
We did a walking tour first. I have to admit that Gaudi is not my favourite artist, but the Gothic architecture is stupendous. I did find the Sagra Familia, that big church he designed, a bit much. Mad, although I liked the Star Wars style warriors.

 We also went to the Mobile World Convention, which was unbelievably huge. Lots of folding phones, electric cars and innovations I didn't understand at all. And the new Microsoft Hololens which seemed to be garnering a lot of attention. I enjoyed the VR demonstration, but Sonja felt queasy after our ride, so we didn't do another one.
And we went on a motorbike tour. As you do.


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