Sunday, December 22, 2013

Liquid Crystal at a special price!

My holiday gift to you! Liquid Crystal at the lowest price Amazon allows me to go.
From now until the end of December, you can get Liquid Crystal at the special price of 99 cents! After that it will go up to $3.99, it's regular price. is the Amazon link.
ibookstore is here:

A Department 57 story. 
When Crystal share the same bed with Bryn and Kai, the passion they wake in each other is as incredible as it is inevitable. 
An unseen, unsuspected enemy rises up to threaten Crystal’s life, until mermen Bryn and Kai, rescue her from a nearly fatal plunge into the Thames. When Bryn and Kai show Crys the secrets of underwater loving, the passion they release steams up the water. 
But their enemy still chases them, and now Crys, Bryn and Kai are in mortal danger. Even in a city as busy and modern as London, England, old enemies lurk and old secrets hide.

If you would like to read an extract, either go to the Amazon Look Inside feature, or go here:

Go on - treat yourself!