Monday, January 06, 2014

January news and a cover reveal!


Happy new year! Let’s make this year the best yet!
It was a weird year for me. The year of new beginnings, in a writing sense. The first in a new historical series comes out in the spring from Samhain, and next month, there’s a new book from Loose-Id, a spin-off from the Department 57 books.

And I have a cover reveal for you! I love this. It’s the first in a new series about a group of Talents working to save civilian Talents from the organisation PLR, which is intent on destroying them. They concentrate on the Talented version of the Witsec program, giving them new identities.
So what do you think? It’s Texan vampires!

Lucille attends a masquerade and meets a real-life Regency rake. A young vampire, she’s never met an old one like Jay before. Together, they burn up the night, but in the morning, danger threatens. They find Lucille's brother, badly hurt. The evidence is mounting: someone is trying to kill Lucille, and maybe Jay.

The threat sends Jay's possessive instincts into overdrive. At first he just wants to protect Lucille from her persecutors, the anti-vampire organization, the PLR. Yet, soon, it's not enough for him. With the help of an old friend, Jay plans to destroy the PLR, even though he knows even if he doestheir affair can’t last. He’s too old and jaded and she’s too young and fresh. Plus, with the danger threatening her life, she’ll have to use the Thorndyke network to escape, change her identity, and never come back. 

With Dept 57, I still have Laurie’s story to tell, and quite a few others! I want to tell the magician’s story, and the badass vampire who seems to know so much about Cristos.
However, there are continuations, too. The Nightstar series has three more books to go, and there are four new STORM books waiting in the wings. However, only one of them is written! The others are planned, contracted and I’ll be writing at least one in the first part of this year.
This month, the release is the Chemistry of Evil. It’s out now, and I kept this newsletter back so I could be sure it was up at all the outlets, or at least most of them. It’s been out before, twice. The first version, published by Triskelion, is very different to the second version, published by Loose-Id. I had a ball rewriting it the way I wanted it. This version is the LI version, but cheaper. For January, it’s 99 cents, and is going up to £3.99 in February. So if you have the Triskelion version, it’s worth a look, but if you have the LI version, you probably don’t want to buy this one again. New cover, though!
I can’t tell you how good this book has been to me. It was my first paranormal romance, my first contemporary, introducing me to a genre that I still love to write.
The Amazon link is
Barnes and Noble (for the epub link)

I just got word that “Brutally Beautiful,” which was one of my most popular books from last year, is going into print! Exciting!
There’s a brand new release in February, so stay tuned for that!