Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Happy August!

August being my birthday month, it’s so nice to be able to celebrate another new release!
Thank you so much for helping me to launch “In The Mood.” I’m having a ball writing this series, and I so want to finish it and see Riku get his happy ending (he’s the hero of the last book).
It seemed to be a month for online arguments. Everywhere I looked there were people quarreling over this and that. I spent it trying not to get involved, writing, and suffering from whooping cough. That was a surprise, because I’d been vaccinated as a child, but apparently that only lasts for the first ten years, when most people are at their most vulnerable. After that, it manifests as a bad cough, but my, was it bad. I had to go to the doctor and get some antibiotics so I was fit enough to go to the RNA Conference.
There’s the moral. Get the vaccinations done. There’s an epidemic at the moment, or so the doctor told me, because people didn’t get their children vaccinated after that health scare of a few years ago (the “doctor” responsible was struck off the medical register).
Anyway, back to books and related fun. The RNA Conference is always highly enjoyable. It’s more of a party, far more intimate than the huge gatherings in the USA, which I also enjoy, and there’s less business done there. Mainly because the bar is there for a reason, and we make the most of it!
I can’t say I learned a lot, other than my colleagues in the Romantic Novelists’ Association are the best, supportive, bright and huge fun. We were at Penrith again, a lovely setting in the Lake District. Even the train journey is a delight, or it is for me, although not everyone had such a pleasant journey!
This month, as I mentioned earlier, I have a new release. Another new venture. For those of you who wanted me to write Yolanda’s story, the sister of Vin from “Texas Heat,” here it is. Vin doesn’t appear in this story, it’s completely separate and I try hard not to do the sequel thing so the book is truly a standalone. This is a hot one, although it is male/female. There was a point where it might have become a ménage, but the heroine wasn’t interested in sharing! Sometimes it happens like that, your characters take against doing what you’ve had planned for them.
The book is called “Stripped Bare."
An investigation into industrial espionage leads to a sexual awakening!