Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Note About my Website

The people who provide my webspace, Virgin Media, are asking us all to upgrade from our old webspaces to a new address. So I did, but only after did they say they weren't doing forwarding, and we could no longer access our old webspace. So I can't put a 301 auto direct message on the page. If any of you know how I can do this, I'd so appreciate your help!
So if you type in the normal address, http://lynneconnolly.com you will be fine. but for the next few weeks, until Google and Bing catch up with the new address, clicking on the site there will get you a nasty 404 and "not found" message.
The old site was:
That's gone. Now the "long" address, the one covered by the domain name, is:
and that one works!
Sorry for the inconvenience.