Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pitch Across the Pond

Look where I'm going to be on the 13th April! Just before the London Book Fair, check it out!
Pitch your novel across the Pond and Beyond
Oxford Author Courses tell you how to do it

You've written your novel, and you want to sell it into the biggest and most prestigious markets in the world. But you don't know how to begin, or what to do. Attend Oxford Author Courses' day-long crash course, Pitch Across the Pond and Beyond, at St. Hilda's College, Oxford on 13th April and you'll come away knowing exactly what you should do.

You'll hear from a very savvy and highly successful US agent who'll tell you what's hot and what's not.  Christine Witthohn is founder of Book Cents Agency, which she started in 2006. Her approach is simple: she loves a great story, but more importantly wants to be the one to sell it. She represents both published and unpublished authors.

Stéphane Marsan, founder of successful, independent French publisher, Bragelonne will talk about the kind of books that have made his company such a force within the French publishing industry. Fresh from the Paris Book Fair (held late March) he's actively looking for books in romance, horror, fantasy and young adult genres. Come and hear what he's looking for now and how to submit your novel to his company -  and don't worry, Bragelonne do the translation!

Lynne Connolly is a British author who sells almost exclusively to the American market. She writes sexy, sophisticated romance in contemporary, historical and paranormal genres. Lynne writes mainly for digital-first publishers in the USA. It was her agent who suggested she try America when her first book was turned down in England. She it to the USA, it was accepted and she's never looked back. She'll tell you how she made herself successful in America with tips and hints of how to approach this biggest and richest of all English speaking markets.

Other bestselling British authors, who specialise in pitching, selling and marketing their work abroad, will tell you their secrets: how they do it - and continue to do it.

What works for other countries?
Writing for different cultures and countries means looking at your work differently. Phrasing and spelling may be different and the words themselves can have another meaning in an overseas market.

The cover artwork and blurb are vitally important, as is the book description. The cultural differences mean that you have to choose your words and images carefully - what might work in the UK won't necessarily work elsewhere.

On this one-day crash course, an editor who spends most of the time working with US authors and publishers will give you good writing and editorial advice on how to avoid the pitfalls.

Do you write thrillers, romance, historicals, horror, fantasy? Is your book a tense conspiracy thrilller like Flowertown (agented by Christine), a steamy sensuous paranormal (Stèphane loves paranormals and urban fantasy), or a mysterious nineteen-thirties historical? Come and learn which genres, locations and periods have international appeal.
Which way to go - traditional, independent or self-publish?
Publishing is changing, so how do you choose which route is best for you? Do you go traditional, independent, e-press or self-publish? What works best where? We'll put the facts before you and help you decide.

Good news: both Christine and Stéphane work with self published authors.

It's our aim to give you a fact packed day and send you away buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm for venturing away from the UK's shores and into larger, more profitable markets. Broaden your horizons for just £120* with Oxford Author Courses Pitch Across the Pond and Beyond day.     

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            Of course writing for different cultures means that words mean different things and the panel of experts advise on how to avoid pitfalls and provide the best manuscript that you can for the overseas audience that you're targeting.