Monday, March 11, 2013

March news!

So far, so very interesting!
March has crested the horizon, leaving February, and with any luck the snow, behind. It’s really cold over here, but I’m keeping busy planning my trip to the US in April. I’m so looking forward to it! As well as the fun of the RT Convention, I’m visiting Washington, DC and friends in Texas, including the totes amaze Kathryn Falk, who owns RT.
Can’t wait, but in the meantime, I’m getting busy with books. I’ve had another release, ‘Brutally Beautiful,’ the story I was asked to write! When I wrote ‘Stripped Bare,’ I introduced a character called Mick O’Donnell, a brutal gang lord from Liverpool. I never thought anyone but me would be interested in the shaved bald, muscle-shirt and bling-wearing Mick, but boy, was I wrong! So when I decided to write his story, encouraged by the letters I was getting and my editor, I had a problem. How do I make Mick, who runs girls and drugs into Liverpool, into a romance hero?
Simple; make him a poetry professor. So how does a man go from being a ruthless gang leader into a poetry professor? When the East Europeans muscle in on his territory, Mick knows more than his business is in danger, so he liquidates his assets, changes his name and moves to New York, where he hopes they won’t find him.
Of course he finds the love of his life and trouble waiting for him, but only when he’s close to achieving his goal—to become a legitimate US citizen.
There’s only one more book to write in the Symbiotics series, and as usual at the end of a series, I’m sad. I don’t like saying goodbye to characters, but I also don’t like to drag a series on and on when it seems to have come to an end. Some series, like Dept 57, are planned to continue, so that the Department is a world rather than an end in itself. Some are more finite, like Pure Wildfire or Nightstar, but others have possibilities I’ve only just begun to explore.
I’ve also released a backlist book on Amazon. “Laura,” a Regency romance. I loved writing this book, and I’ve gained a lovely review on Amazon. I’ve learned from my self-published friends that to do really well on Amazon I need reviews. I’ve never really bothered asking for them before, but I’d really like to see “Laura” and the other self-published books do really well. So if you’ve read a book and you like it, and you’re in the mood, a review on Amazon would be much appreciated! Do you read self-published books? Do you enjoy them?
I’m glad I don’t have to go completely indie, as some of my brave friends have done. Making the decisions on a number of selected titles is really exciting, and it gives me a chance to spread my wings and try something a bit different, but I’m not sure I’d like to do it all the time.
Brutally Beautiful
Nick Taylor, poetry lecturer, used to be Mick O’Donnell, British gang leader. In search of a new life he’s come to New York, and five years later, he’s nearly there. Once he has his citizenship, he can start again. He’s kept clear of trouble, under the radar except for his visits to burlesque club Bared, and it’s there he meets his nemesis. Beautiful, classy, irresistible. Trouble.

Gen has a dead-end job checking citizenship applications but when her boss asks her to check Nick’s credentials she finds herself doing a lot more than that. The burlesque club is just the start. Nick is unlike any professor she’s ever met. They can’t keep their hands off each other, for one thing, even in the university library. Much less in the all-glass room in his apartment. With the rest of New York watching. Maybe. Nick teases her with the total exposure she secretly craves, while always keeping her safe.

But although Nick has left his past behind, he needs to draw on all his resources when Gen finds herself in deep unexpected and deadly trouble. He has to reach out to people he wanted to leave behind. It may end his attempt at a clean start, but if he doesn’t risk all he’s worked for, and perhaps expose himself to the deadly menace still hunting him down after five years, the woman he's grown to love and everything he wants to share with her will die.
eBook ISBN · 978-1-61118-960-5
Publisher ·Loose-Id Publishing
Genre · Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length · Novel