Saturday, March 23, 2013

The biggest party in Europe

"Vanessa" is the first book I had published. Not the first accepted for publication, but it beat the publication of "Yorkshire" by a month or two. It was with a different publisher, one of the good guys of the early days, Awe-Struck. With the original publishers sold up to another, "Vanessa" became less important to them and eventually I thought I'd like to see how it did if I gussied it up a bit and put it out again.
So this is in the nature of a relaunch.
It's a book I loved every minute of writing. I fell for my hero and heroine, so much that it was hard to give them conflicts, but conflicts they must have, and they rose above them together.
I became fascinated by the Congress of Vienna. It was one huge party, held from the first fall of Napoleon through to Waterloo and then it recommenced afterward. It was to organize Europe after Napoleon had made a mess of it, but being held in Vienna, all the great and good and not-so-good flocked there.
Into this arrived Chris, Lord Vesey, and his new wife Vanessa. Chris is a diplomat, and Vanessa is the woman he married because, she thinks, he has decided that she'll make a good political wife. But there's so much more than that. Chris also does a little spying work for his country, as diplomats sometimes did, and this leads them into very dark waters indeed.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the revitalised version as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Here's the description:

First love, or last?

In the fateful year of 1815 Vanessa, the new Lady Vesey, accompanies her diplomat husband Christopher to the Congress of Vienna. Newly married and trying to forget her previous life, Vanessa is confronted by her lost love, Emery Graham. Unsure of her feelings for her husband, or his for her, will Vanessa decide to throw in her lot with Emery or stay with Chris?
Thrown into a desperate mission to save the life of the man she loves, Vanessa has to face her deepest fears.

There's an excerpt here.
And the Amazon Kindle page is here.